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How to dress up for a job interview 

When it comes to going to a job interview, perfect grooming is a must whether you are applying for a high position or an entry level position. The way you look and the way you dress up can tell a lot about you and would influence the way your employer can look at you. Here are some tips to act as a guide so that you will have an idea what to wear in your job interview... Read more

Day-to-Night Dress Transformation
When you get off work, the last think you want to do is work—and even changing outfits for a casual cocktail party or a birthday dinner with friends can be a big hassle, especially if you don’t have a big car to change in... Read more

Styling floral print skirts

It is warming up here in India, which means it is time to finally pull out the FLORAL SKIRTS! YAY! I am absolutely in love and obsessed with floral skirts, floral tops... Read more

Pairing Blazers

I am personally mounting a coast-to-coast campaign to create a national holiday to celebrate - the blazer. It's the one item in every woman's wardrobe that can make or break her day.
Blazers rock and here's proof... Read more

How to pair white pants

Fashion plays a huge role in the lives of many. Other people's first impressions of you typically include your appearance as well as your personality and professionalism... Read more


The "must have" item every girl will need this summer is the one-piece jumper.  All over Festival International there will women in downtown Lafayette listening to the sweet sounds of foreign music in their breezy jumpers.  These special 70s throwbacks are making a comeback because of their... Read more


When we speak of maxi dress, we think of summer. We imagine the sea of maxi dresses in various styles strutting along sun-kissed streets and maxi dress... Read more

Pairing Jeans

Every woman has jeans as an essential element of her wardrobe. It isn’t so complex to select jeans as there’s a wide selection of models to match any style, constitution and personal preference... Read more

Body Types & Clothes Series:
Years ago it was recognized... Read more


Dress up like Katherine Pierce(TVD)

Katherine Pierce( played by Nina Dobrev)  is my most Favorite character from the TV show The Vampire Dairies(TVD). If you watch this show you will know how her personality is... Read more