Current Color trends

Salt & Pepper

Do you think opposites attract? Or do your eyes glaze over and think ‘boring’ when you see black and white? If so, think again. Black and White, especially in these two past fashion weeks (Spring/summer 2012 and Fall/Winter 2012) is more than just an enduring, season-in, season-out trend, it’s also a palate cleanser of the highest order.Read more

Rhapsody in blue

This season, pick your shades from pale duck-egg to deepest indigo to spice up your outfit with different pieces. Read more

I am so sorry it took me this long to do this post, I’d already done one but it got accidentally deletedL. But not worry I wrote it again. So this post will have more than one edition. First of it is Ombre hair. Read more

Love that red

This 2012 Color Trends series is about hot color trends projected for the year. In particular I'll be showing you how to incorporate them into your clothing in a way that makes sense for your style... Read more

Monsoon trends

With the Monsoons having sprinkled its first showers all over India, we girls start looking out for the new wardrobe for the monsoon. Here are a few tips to help you out... Read more

Color trends: Neon

My favourite summer trend of the moment? Neon. Inject color into your wardrobe by throwing on some neon accessories, or accent an outfit by wearing bright pants or a top. The easiest way to incorporate neon into an outfit? Mix neon accessories with neutral clothing.
If you’re feeling really daring... Read more

Color Trends: Mint

t’s high time to start getting ready for warm weather with a host of fun trends. Minty green is a breeze of fresh air in your wardrobe and combines well with staples like black, gray and white as well as with... Read more