Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Style check

BOLLYWOOD STYLE CHECK feat. Kareena Kapoor

 Kareena Kapoor never ceases to surprise. Be it doing films early in her career or dropping several dress sizes nonchalantly, she's had us wondering 'what's next?' all the time. 
I really love the way she dresses these days, elegant and chic. She’s one actress who knows to wear the perfect makeup for every occasion. I like the ways so does not overdo things like most of the bollywood stars tend to do these days. I’ve noticed that she always wears pastels or reds or neons, which perfectly suit her personality.
After her turn as a college student in Bodyguard, who dresses in rather drab salwar kameezes for reasons best known to the film's stylist, Kareena stunned us in her red hot avatar as the full-bodied Chammak Challo in a red sari and luscious mane in Ra.One.

Red saris haven't looked better!
Kareena's fashion choices over the years has change drastically and has improved very well.

Kareena endorses Sony Viao laptop in a skimpy one-shouldered dress and strappy heels.

It's all about packaging, isn't it?

Kareena looks our breathtaking as she posed as a bride for Hi! Blitz. 

The crimson-coloured dupatta, the jewellery and those smouldering eyes spell other-worldly charm so well, it's difficult to peel your eyes away from this sight.

She accentuates her tiny waist with a black belt as she models for a clothes brand in a satin dress. 

Very high street.

Kareena looks ready for a sweltering summer here, dressed in a cool yellow dress and is on trend with a blue clutch, colour-blocking her outfit.

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  1. u have compiled all of the recent styles dis year.. nice post! she is indeed stunning/1 :)

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    ~Boomerang Plus

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I'll definitely visit your blog.

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    1. I think so too :)
      Thank you for taking time ti visit.

  3. Great post,lovely!
    She looks so pretty!!
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    I wish you a great day!
    Fashion tea at 5

    1. Glad you liked it,sure I'll stop by your blog.

  4. re: Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog earlier :)

    Maybe you have time to read my new post is up: Career shifts: the heart of it

    ~Boomerang Plus

  5. She is so beautiful, love her style and she has a natural beauty *

    Great post*

    Vanessa Ribeiro

  6. She's beautiful, nice photos :)



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