Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How to dress up for a job interview?

How to dress up for a job interview 

When it comes to going to a job interview, perfect grooming is a must whether you are applying for a high position or an entry level position. The way you look and the way you dress up can tell a lot about you and would influence the way your employer can look at you. Here are some tips to act as a guide so that you will have an idea what to wear in your job interview.

v The standard job interview attire for women is basically the same with men – a dark navy or gray suit or something in dark conservative colors. It is advisable that women do not wear a dress in their job interview.

Although pant suits are the best choice for a job interview, there are some that would insist on wearing a dress or skirt. If you are one of these women, you have to make sure that the length of your skirt should always be below the knees and never be above the knees.

v Take note that your make up should be very minimal. Your lipstick and nail polish should be in conservative colors. Your pantyhose must also be in conservative color as well.

v Your hairstyle should be conservative as well. If it is necessary wear your hair up instead of letting it flow down. This will help give you a more professional look.

v Go light on the perfume. Not everyone appreciates the same taste in scents and yours may be too strong for the interviewer to stand. The tendency is that they might cut short your interview because they can no longer stand the overpowering smell of your perfume.

v When it comes to shoes, you should use the conservative pumps with a mid level heel. High heels are a bad idea. Shoes should compliment you and your outfit and should not be the centre of attention when the interviewer looks at you. Never show up in an interview wearing sneakers or sandals.

Remember that you only have this one chance to be able to make a first impression. It is better to dress too formally for this occasion than to end up dressing too casually.

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  1. This is definitely good advice for a more conservative job. I think depending on the age, a skirt just above the knee could also be appropriate especially if you are wearing tights. While looking formal and professional is key, I think how fitted and put-together you look makes a big impact and for shorter ladies and girls with shorter legs, wearing a knee-length skirt doesn't flatter the figure and can look a bit messy proportion wise. :)


    1. Totally agree with you,but this post is from my personal experience.

  2. I will dress up like this soon for a interview. I hope it helps :)


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