Sunday, 1 July 2012

DIY Studded Top

DIY: Studded Top
Inspired by designer labels I love like Burberry Prorsum and Balmain, follow this tutorial to step up your stud game!

What you’ll Need: Studs, any kind of fabric super glue, a top from your wardrobe that needs some updating, and a toothpick!

·       I got these 7mm gold pyramid flat back studs from  here for $12! I chose a button down from H&M.

·       Dab a little glue on the flat back of the stud and start placing them in a pattern of your choice.

·       I chose to stud the pocket. This particular top is tissue thin, so slipping a heavy card stock in the pocket to prevent the interior gluing to each other would be wise! Start at the top of the pocket and work your way across. Leave a tiny space between each stud.

·       Wiggle it in to place with the glue-less side of your toothpick.

·       Press down firmly with your finger directly on your stud without disturbing the others that will still be drying.

Your shirt should be fully dried in a few short hours! Style it up and enjoy!

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