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How to pair white pants

How to pair white pants

Fashion plays a huge role in the lives of many. Other people's first impressions of you typically include your appearance as well as your personality and professionalism. In order to carry yourself well all year long, it's important to understand fashion etiquette. One of the most widely discussed fashion issues is white pants, skirts, shoes and bags. Read on to discover the new etiquette for white pants.

White pants can look clean, classy, and sophisticated. 

These pants naturally look a little dressier than jeans or khakis, however, so you should keep that in mind as you put together an outfit.

Ø  Mix and match materials. Play with texture to add subtle visual interest to your outfit. Wear a smooth satin or silk blouse with a white jean or corduroy, or a ribbed sweater with a smoother polyester-blend slack.

Yellow satin top - £22 -
Vivvaa purple-suede- scarlett-johanssen

Ø  Choose a color scheme. White pants are a blank canvas, so you have numerous options to pick from.

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Ø  Go with all white. Create the ultimate clean, crisp appearance by pairing a simple white blouse with your white pants.

Bag- Chanel, Arden B. LUXE blazer

Ø  Add some contrasting neutrals, such as black, gray, tan, or brown. Wearing other neutrals can give your style a sophisticated edge.

Brown Cardigan- ¥18,900 - McQueen'sTan Booties ($1165)

Ø  Give your outfit a boost of color. Pale hues emphasize a soft, feminine look, while brighter hues are bold and crisp and lend themselves well to color blocking.

Ø  Consider the shade of white. The spectrum of shades that fall under the “white” category is surprisingly large. Most shades can either be classified as bright or off-white, however.

Ø  Match bright, “pure” white pants with cooler tones. For neutrals, go with black, gray, and silver. For colors, choose blues, purples, and blue-tinted greens like turquoise.


Ø  Match cream or off-white pants with warmer tones. Tan, brown, and gold make the best options for neutrals. For colors, go with reds, oranges, yellow-tinted greens, and red-tinted purples like magenta.

Ø  Mind your undergarments. Even if your pants are made of a thicker material, you still run the risk of having your underwear show through. Wear flesh-tone undergarments. Avoid black and bright colors and be cautious about white since white under white shows through.

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