Sunday, 8 April 2012

Summer Hairstyles

Perky Ponytail:

Upgrade your ponytail by giving your roots a lift and the base a boost. Here's how:

Starting with dry locks, section off the top middle 2 inches, then put the rest of your strands in a high ponytail. I like to use a bungee elastic, which is a stretchy cord with a hook at each end. It will make the base of your ponytail stick out.

Now tease the loose top section, finger-rake it back, and gently wrap a clear elastic around it and the ponytail.

Mermaid Mane :

Curly strands are always a summer hit, but this year, it’s less about kinks and more about undulating waves. To cop the effect:

Apply volumizing mousse to towel-dried hair, then blow it out using a paddle brush. Don’t pull it down too hard though—some natural wave (if you have any) is good.

Wrap 3-inch-wide sections around a small curling iron. Working on large chunks creates languid spirals and is a quick way to do your whole head. Avoid the roots.

Stylish Braided Bangs :

 Whether you sport a classic or a more funky hairdo, the point is to emphasize your best features. This task would seem easy at first, still you have to know how to save effort and steal the show. These braided bang hairstyles come to your rescue and help you in creating the most glamorous and breezy hairstyles for the season. Let yourself overwhelmed by the new trends and braiding techniques. Experiment or at least take a peek at these stylish pieces. 

You can watch a thousand videos on youtube to lean different braiding techniques. 


Step 1: Put your hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head and secure with a clear elastic. How tight or loose you make it is up to you—that’s what’s great about this look, it works both ways. Note: If you want your hair to be super-smooth, spray your brush with a bit of hairspray before you use it to comb back your hair—this will get rid of frizz. If you’re going for a looser style, you can probably work the frizz.
Step 2: If you want a more casual style, pull some wispy pieces out at the sides, top or back.
Step 3: Wrap your ponytail around the elastic and secure it in place with bobby pins. Remember: to secure the bobby pins properly, you need to criss-cross them. Once everything’s pinned in place, spray liberally with hairspray to set.


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