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Selecting clothes according to you're body type

Body Types & Clothes Series #1 :

Years ago it was recognised that there were different body types and they were categorised according to their shape only.
Finding the right clothes to fit your body doesn’t need to be an arduous task. All you have to do is follow these simple rules and you’re on the road to looking and feeling fabulous.

First Rule for Pear Shape: Women with this type of shape have a smaller, leaner upper body and a wider lower body (big hips, butt and legs) thus resembling a pear.  They also have a small bust, waist and a long slender neck. Think Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez.
Try wearing boot cut jeans, Line skirts and darker coloured clothes that will draw attention away from your lower body. Pencil skirts are also great. Instead, complement your upper body with patterned clothes and bright colours. Try wearing puffed up sleeves as well. Balance is the key here.
Stay away from flashy belts, tapered jeans, low cut jeans or body hugging jeans and jeans with pockets or embroidery. You don’t want too much baggage.

Second rule for Hourglass Shape: Women with this type of shape have proportionate body sizes. A full bust, shapely legs, medium to broad hips in proportion with the shoulders and a small waist thus resembling the Hourglass. Think Scarlett Johansson or Halle Berry.
Jackets that nip at the waist are a Yes for this type of shape. Halter neck tops are also great with slim trousers so they keep the balance. Darker colours will give a slimming look and don’t go overboard with the patterns. V neck tops are incredible and go for tops that lengthen your look.
Stay away from anything baggy. Baggy jeans, frumpy clothes and the like make your shape look shapeless

Third rule for Box or Rectangular/Long Shape:  Women with this type of shape have an almost straight body. They don’t have a defined waist like the previous shapes discussed above. They have a full neck, broad shoulders and an average bust with very small hips. Think Keira Knightley or Cameron Diaz.
Look for curvy clothes or clothes that give the illusion of curves. Wear bras with extra padding, jackets that are cinched at the waist and jackets that are flared in order to create the illusion of hips. Pencil skirts and contoured waist skirts are great. Cap neck shirts are also good plus layered ensembles. Look for low rise jeans with lots of pockets and embroidery.
Stay away from high waisted skirts, jeans or pants or anything that’s too short. And don’t wear vertical patterned clothes as they emphasise your straightness.

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