Friday, 13 April 2012


Lust 2012!!
So I was just preparing my shopping list and after browsing several fashion magazines and blogs I finalized my list and came up with the following things that I want desperately, like right now!!
Since January I’m totally obsessed with the neon colours..  I wasn’t able to find anything good in stores so far so I have no neon accessories L
But this time I decided to buy them online no matter what.. I had to save a lot of bucks for it and now I’m all ready to spend it.. Hurray!! : D
So the following is a list of thing I’m lusting over and I’m hoping to see them in my closet very soon :P

1.    Dolce & Gibbana  Bag – Does one need a reason to own this bag?? Naah!! It’s every girls dream :P
2.    Lace dress- I’ve been drooling over this dress since I saw it on Taylor swift at the teen awards.. It’s so adorable...
3.    Neon Peep-toe pumps – As I said earlier I’m totally obsessed with the neon trend and these shoes are so essential for color blocking outfits.. They go with anything.. from jeans to cute skirts
4.    Neon Bag- Three reasons why do I want it
a)    It’s pretty
b)    It’s pretty
c)    It’s pretty
5.    Beautiful White shoes from The Breaking Dawn – I don’t know why I want them.. but I want them! I’m not a big Twilight fan, but Bella’s wedding dress and shoes caught my eyes just  like everybody else..
6.    Marc Ecko Women Watches E 15074 M – I recently Lost my watch and I need one and this the perfect watch for me..

7.    Shinny Cream Pumps – I think these are the perfect shoes that can be worn at any event in any season. Also they go so well with the lace dress.

So, what are the things you lust about this year?? Let me know in the comment section. And also let me know if you find any of the stuff I mentioned above.

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