Monday, 9 April 2012

From left, Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna strut their style (Photo Credit)

Every Tuesday night, you’ll know where to find me: I’m parked in front of the TV, riveted by ABC Family’s latest hit show Pretty Little Liars. Is anyone else as obsessed as I am with this summer series?
In case you haven’t seen it, the show revolves around four former besties – Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer — who are being harassed via text message, email, and the occasional lipsticked message on a mirror by an anonymous bully who knows their deep, dark secrets. The twist? These are secrets only known by their recently murdered friend Alison. Many unanswered questions propel the show: Is Alison still alive? Did she pass along the secrets to someone else? Who murdered her?
Pretty Little Liars has mystery, suspense, scandal and of course, style! The fashion on the show really caught my eye, particularly because each lead character has her own distinctive style. I’ll   have a series on styles on this show. Here are some tips on how you can take fashion inspiration from the cast of Pretty Little Liars:
#1 ARIA Montgomery (LUCY HALE)

Aria carries an air of maturity (unlike her estranged friends), and her style reflects her cultured sophistication. She loves to layer, she mixes rich materials and patterns, and she tends to stick with darker hues. Aria’s style is feminine and bohemian with an edge.

Outfit 1 -
Season 1 Episode 8: Please DoTalk About Me When I'm Gone

There is also a very similar ModCloth Print Ice Cream Sundress $47

Outfit 2 –

Product Info: Bag – Urban Outfitters, Grey Dress – ModCloth, Bracelet – Forever 21, Navy Top – Heritage 1981, Leather Jacket – Ever, Socks – ModCloth, Tights – ModCloth, Clogs – Sam Edelman, Brown Dress –ModCloth, Long-Sleeve Shirt – Anthropologie, Boots – Frye, Clock Necklace – Urban Outfitters, Elephant Necklace – Forever 21
Outfit 3 –

Fitted Cardigan £35 -, No sleeve shirt £50 -, Tiered mini skirt, Suede Pumps $73 -, Rose clutch $33 -, Feather Jewellery $140 - econsciousmarke  

More outfits on PLL will be coming up soon...
Have a happy and healthy week, xoxo J

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