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How to pair your jeans

Pairing Jeans

Every woman has jeans as an essential element of her wardrobe. It isn’t so complex to select jeans as there’s a wide selection of models to match any style, constitution and personal preference.
However, you are most probably puzzled by the query what items of attire and accessories will match your jeans and help you make your own particular style. These are some helpful recommendations:

1. Tunics

Tunics are linked with clothing of the Romans which is highly appreciated by the modern women. Petticoats and dresses styled as a tunic worn along with straight jeans, high-heeled shoes will help you look slim and create classy look. Also you could accessorise you’re outfit with neon jewellery and bags to get that preppy look.
However, there are a couple of things you should remember when going to wear a tunic. First off, a tunic shouldn’t be any longer than the middle part of your hips. You must also avoid wearing extra elements close to your waist particularly if you have rather sufficient forms.

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2.    Petticoats

Besides wearing a standard T-shirt, try putting on jeans along with fetching clothes of a top, or a chiffon or sateen shirt. It is the best way to add some glamour to your appearance.
Remember about ornamental flower elements which will help you make a romantic appeal. If you wear a pleasant vest which leaves your shoulders open, put on a thin chain as a matching finishing detail.

3. Jackets
Jeans worn along with a jacket make a truly classical and refined look. You can wonder if it is attractive. Yes, this combo will make you look actually sexy.
A short jacket will make your legs appear longer. You can also wear a long jacket constricted on the waist. It may go along with a thin belt and long jeans.

4. Accessories and watches
Wearing stylish jeans needs putting on stylish accessories. High-heeled shoes will not just make your legs visually longer, but will also add elegancy to your appearance.
A tiny lady’s bag, embroidered with bedazzles and beads, is fully necessary for making far more fascinating appearance. If you’re tired of wearing a standard belt, you’ll substitute it with a silk headband which will also be tied unreservedly round your neck or attached to the bag’s handle. Match your nails to you're jeans...

A trendy watch is an absolute must have accessory for any woman. If you principally associate watches with something uninteresting and not exciting, forget classically-styled watches. Pay your attention to unconventionally designs and surprising colour combos and patterns featured by watches developed by world famous watch-making brands.
It is good if you have one or two differently styled watches to match different occasions – a loud night club party or a solemn marriage party.
You are certain to get entranced by watch-making masterpieces of such respected brands as Cartier, Chopard, Bvlgari, Corum, Audemars Piguet and lots of others. If you happen to feel averse to spend tons of cash at a celebrated watch brand, use an opportunity of getting a qualitative

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