Friday, 2 September 2011

Dress up like Katherine Pierce(TVD)

Katherine Pierce( played by Nina Dobrev)  is my most Favorite character from the TV show The Vampire Dairies(TVD). If you watch this show you will know how her personality is. The way she portrays herself is beautiful.   Though Nina Dobrev plays both the roles( Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce) , Katherine is completely different character.
"Black-haired and brown-eyed, she appears very sweet and seductive on the surface, but her personality could change in an instant into someone who was impulsive and, at times, not very nice."  Both Stefan and Damon tell Elena this when she asks about her early on in Season 1.

These are her few looks I put together 

I just pulled out some stuff which might help you grab the look... ;)
  1. black leather jacket
  2. black leather pants
  3. bright color top (which makes you look bold )
  4. black booties/boots( high healed)
You could put on some neutral makeup on, use mascara to give your eyes dramatic look. You could put some eye liner on the upper eye lid and wear a lipstick that suits you the most( I prefer light shade).
And for your hair you could do a messy pony tail with a little poof if you have short hair.
If you have long hair, use a curling iron to get more volume in your hair or just simply straighten them.

Make sure you are comfortable with whatever you wear and do cause that is what matters the most.
Hope this helped.
Thanks for reading.
Take care..

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