Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Revlon's Color Stay Ultimate Lipcolor

Product Description:
Revlon's Color Stay Ultimate Lipcolor 
Available at all Revlon outlets 
Price in Rupees: 700 only

This is an early post, I was so excited to do it that I couldn't wait for another day :p
I always try to get the best out of every product I buy and Revlon's Color Stay Ultimate Lipcolor  is one of them. For some reason I wanted to try red color lipstick( I only have pinks since I <3 pink shades) for a long time and I finally got my hands on this product. I bought this Top Tomato(050) and I love it. Most of the people I know told me that this is not at all good one, but I refuse.This is a liquid lipstick and not a lipgloss. The best thing about  this lipcolor is that it stays on for almost 12hrs without touch ups and even if you eat something it stays, isn't that amazing ?? And it is best for parties and our Indian wedding because you wouldn't have to worry about your lips :)

My opinions about why should you buy Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

  • A packaging to die for
  • The gorgeous colors
  • It lives up to its color stay claim. Blimey! You can eat, drink, lick your lips, and sleep with this on. The color wouldn’t go off until your remove it with an oil based cleanser.  It just stays and stays and stays.
  • It goes on light on your lips.

Now lets talk about its drawbacks :
1) It drys your lips.
2) It peels of the skin of your lips which is not good.
I bought this to find a way how I can make it wearable without any of the above happening and Eureka!!! I found it XD.
The best way to use this product  is to
* first clean you lips with damp tissue.
* apply your favorite moisturising lip balm.
* leave for 5-6 seconds.
* then apply this lipcolor and let it dry( drys instantly)
*or instead of the lipbalm, you could just apply a soothing gloss over the lipcolor.
It works perfect( at least for me)
To remove, use any oil-based makeup remover.
I rate this lipcolor 3.8 out of 5, so if you already have it and you are not using it because of its drawbacks then go ahead and try it ;) and do let me know if it worked.
Take care, stay beautiful.

DISCLAIMER: This is my own personal item and I'm not paid to have it in this post. All views are honest and my own.


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